Moving my blog

I recently upgraded my website again and merged my blog to it. From now on I will post new updates on my website so be sure to check there for new stuff.


link to my website and blog.

Thundercats is coming back!

Warner Brothers recently announced the exciting news that one of my childhood favorites, Thunder Cats, is being brought back next year. I remember this being one of the most influential cartoon to me as a kid. Funny thing is, I was blown away by how ambiguous the characters were when I saw a clip of Thunder Cats for the first time again since i was 3 or 4 on youtube. I coulda swore that they were bad ass to me back then!

As a practice run to making tutorial videos. I recorded the process of me redesigning Lion-O, the main character from the cartoon. Here's the image, I should be able to post the process video up once I get a chance to organize and edit it.

The original Lion-O (yay for speedos!):

My version:

Help me in a movement to better artists!

Hi Guys,

It's often hard to realize things while you're still a part of it, but I gotta say I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without all the wonderful friends, instructors, and coworkers that helped me along the way. So, over the last couple years I have been constantly thinking about how I could give back to the community.

Recently, I started working on a big personal project trying to create some video tutorials for the community. it would be great if I could get some general census from all artists and designers. I made a simple 11 question survey that shouldn't take more than a couple minutes to go through.

It would help me figure out what people want to see the most and what is lacking the most in the market right now.

Please also pass this on to your friends and anyone you know that's involved in the design/art world. The more feedback I get the more accurate I would be able to pinpoint what everyone really wants to see. (here's a link to post around:



I got inspired to do this image on my way to work a while back when Lake Washington was covered with fog. Seattle really is one of the most beautiful cities to live in.

Halo Reach Interview

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my Halo artwork. The magazine cover I did was well received enough that GameInformer did an interview with me. The article covers some of the things I did at the studio, some of my work methods, and a brief walk through of how the cover was completed.

Click here to see the article!

Also, the studio's been slowly revealing more about the game to the public, and that means more concept art for the fans as well. Here are two pieces of concept I did for one of the new multi-player maps in the game. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget to check out the Reach blog for regular updates and awesome artwork by our other concept artists!

one piece of concept from Halo Reach

I just noticed that this piece i did for Halo Reach a while back has been published on Game Reactor. There'll be more concept art goodies coming in the future as the studio reveals more info to everyone!

Game Informer Cover.

The guys at Bungie gave me an awesome oppertunity to work on Halo Reach's first magazine cover. I worked hand in hand with art director Aaron LeMay to create this final image that game informer used for their Feb. 2010 issue. What made this image more challening to execute was the fact that every detail needs to be rendered out for print. It was definitely interesting to see how far I can take the painting in the given time. I will try to give permissions to post some of the thumbnail and sketches to show the though process of creating the picture.

I hope all you Halo Fans like it :D

Link to Magazine:


figured to give this a go since i haven't done one of these free form exercises for a while.

It's a Tricycle!

I've decided to work on subjects that I don't normally get to work on at work to balance out my continuing self education. Anyways here's a vehicle sketch I did while watching some wacky chinese talk shows. It was a fun exercise and I learned a couple things while working on it.

Michael Jackson's Neverland

This started out as a joke between me and my friends a while back. We talked about doing concepts of MJ as Peter Pan and Prince as his nemesis Captain Hook. I never really got around to doing it until recently. Too bad now MJ passed on, there's no chance for something awesome like this being realized.

Here are some work in progress shots ,MJ as Peter Pan, Prince as Captain Hook, and Danny DeVito as Smithy. I'll clean these up and keep the updates coming. Oh yea, if anyone knows any good web designers and programmers please throw them my way :)

More painting less photoscrapping.

It's been more than half a year since I moved to Seattle. The Seattle rain is definitely a change from the sunny Cali that I've been getting used to since I moved to the states. Work has been keeping me busy most of the time but I'll be posting regularly again from now on.

more environments

After 4 long years at art center. Things are finally coming to an end. Graduation is just a couple weeks away.

here're some establishing shot wips for a intro sequence I'm working on.

Trying to be a little more painterly and more speedy. Environments are always a challenge for me.

Sneak a Peek!

Here's a little preview of what is to come in 11 weeks. I've been working on a indie game project leading the concept development for the past couple weeks. We're looking for character modelers. We already got the talented Jason Lin on board. Let me know if anyone's interested!

Work Stuff + School Stuff

What a crazy term. I'm glad I pulled through in the end. here are all the works I did in the past couple of weeks. I strongly recommend James Paik's environment class for those of you who want to focus on Environments, he's great at both doing it and teaching it.

These three pieces are for a personal project I'm currently working on; creating unique alien worlds.

I did this as an experiment to do something more cartoony and animation oriented. It was a refreshing change from all the dark and moody stuff i've been doing.

These are costume designs for my version of the next Stargate movie

These are costume designs for a female version of the Long John Silver character from Treasure Island.

Fashion illustrations - I haven't done life stuff in such a long time, feels good to figure draw again.

I also got the permission to post some of these older pieces I did when i worked at Crystal Dynamics almost 2 years ago.

Environment Design work

Here are some quick paintings I did for James Paick's environment class. James taught an amazing technique that is just very fast and efficient. I really enjoyed doing all these exploration pieces.

here're some quick paintings. I'm just exploring colors and shapes at this point.

Quadrapod WIP

Here's an image I'm working on on and off.

Concept: In the future the human face ran out of viable space on the surface of the planet they build huge platforms to have a second layer of real estate. As time progressed into the future, the disparity between rich and poor became wider and wider. The middle class working men has been completely eliminated as a result. The structures underneath this platform would be for poor people who cannot afford to live on the top where there are sun light. Only the extreme wealthy have the money to facilitate living on the surface of the structure.

On the technical side, I'm trying out some new things I've learned from James Paik's environment design class. It's a real eye opener to check out his demos.


Minor update with some character / creature concepts.

Here's a preliminary sculpture that was roughed in quickly so I could potentially paint over it on Photoshop.

This rendering was done as a paint over on a photo of another basic sculpture I did. Sculpting the creatures was awesome. It's hard to find times to create tangible artwork these days.

Here's my first stab at photo real car rendering. It was a lot of fun.

a gladiator inspired character I did for costume design class.

new pieces!

Two of my new freelance pieces were recently released on Eddie Yang's site. Oh yea, be sure to look at Eddie's character works, they're bad asssss.

Giant Lizzard

Wow, Finally back to school. It seems like Art Center is such a happier place compared to when i first entered the campus back in 2004.

here's a giant lizard that will appear in my next project. Oh yea, this isn't a dragon, it's just a really big lizard. Come on, didn't your parents tell you that dragons don't exist?!

oh yea,does anyone know any good self publishing websites (like but better)