figured to give this a go since i haven't done one of these free form exercises for a while.

It's a Tricycle!

I've decided to work on subjects that I don't normally get to work on at work to balance out my continuing self education. Anyways here's a vehicle sketch I did while watching some wacky chinese talk shows. It was a fun exercise and I learned a couple things while working on it.

Michael Jackson's Neverland

This started out as a joke between me and my friends a while back. We talked about doing concepts of MJ as Peter Pan and Prince as his nemesis Captain Hook. I never really got around to doing it until recently. Too bad now MJ passed on, there's no chance for something awesome like this being realized.

Here are some work in progress shots ,MJ as Peter Pan, Prince as Captain Hook, and Danny DeVito as Smithy. I'll clean these up and keep the updates coming. Oh yea, if anyone knows any good web designers and programmers please throw them my way :)

More painting less photoscrapping.

It's been more than half a year since I moved to Seattle. The Seattle rain is definitely a change from the sunny Cali that I've been getting used to since I moved to the states. Work has been keeping me busy most of the time but I'll be posting regularly again from now on.

more environments

After 4 long years at art center. Things are finally coming to an end. Graduation is just a couple weeks away.

here're some establishing shot wips for a intro sequence I'm working on.

Trying to be a little more painterly and more speedy. Environments are always a challenge for me.

Sneak a Peek!

Here's a little preview of what is to come in 11 weeks. I've been working on a indie game project leading the concept development for the past couple weeks. We're looking for character modelers. We already got the talented Jason Lin on board. Let me know if anyone's interested!