Work Stuff + School Stuff

What a crazy term. I'm glad I pulled through in the end. here are all the works I did in the past couple of weeks. I strongly recommend James Paik's environment class for those of you who want to focus on Environments, he's great at both doing it and teaching it.

These three pieces are for a personal project I'm currently working on; creating unique alien worlds.

I did this as an experiment to do something more cartoony and animation oriented. It was a refreshing change from all the dark and moody stuff i've been doing.

These are costume designs for my version of the next Stargate movie

These are costume designs for a female version of the Long John Silver character from Treasure Island.

Fashion illustrations - I haven't done life stuff in such a long time, feels good to figure draw again.

I also got the permission to post some of these older pieces I did when i worked at Crystal Dynamics almost 2 years ago.